Aleksandra Zee

Aleksandra Zee

Aleksandra Zee creates three-dimensional objects from found and re-purposed materials and situates them in site specific installations. Ranging in scale from small interventions to whole room distortions, she strives to transform the viewer’s perception of the space. Zee is interested in the transcendence of the harsh, broken, or discarded materials into objects of soft whimsy. In much the same way, Zee wants the viewer to pause and lose themselves in the altered environment.

Originally from Los Angeles, Zee is constantly inspired by her peers and life in San Francisco.


When you study Aleksandra Zee’s mosaicked reclaimed wood headboards, wall panels, and tabletops, the gritty process is palpable. You can imagine whirring table saws, dust flying, safety goggles, loud hammers, and splinters lodged in calloused hands. What you wouldn’t imagine is the maker herself: pint-sized, delicate, and impossibly gracious. But don’t get the wrong idea. Alekzandra Zee is a tough lady.


Check out more of her work on her website.



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