Americanised Football Teams

Americanised Football Teams

With every passing day more and more football (or soccer, if you prefer) fans are complaining that the game is becoming “too American” and while we here at Akute think that this isn’t necessarily a terrible thing we do fear the inevitable inception of the first European soccer franchise.

Now if you have no idea what a soccer franchise is, well that’s fine because the marketing team over at Bwin have produced a set of new team logos for possible teams in a fictional “European World Series of Soccer” that will help you.

They have created a fantastic range which includes clubs like little old Millwall all the the way to football’s elite.

It seems like these clubs identities are a million miles away but you only have to remember that last season Hull City owner, Assem Allam, attempted to rebrand the team to the Hull Tigers.

Here’s the full image so you can have a look through and see if your team has been reinvented in the most American of fashions.

We’ve picked out the most ingenious insignias and if you want to have a bit of fun pick out two teams and announce them in the most extravagant way possible for example we’ve picked the:



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