Banksy Artwork Erased

Banksy Artwork Erased

A new piece of Banksy artwork, potentially worth thousands of pounds, has been removed by a council in Essex after a complaint that it was “racist”.

The street art work, which shows a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration banners, appeared on Tuesday night in Clacton-on-Sea.

In my opinion whoever reported this is a complete fool as its artwork and throughout time artwork has been controversial and not pleased everyone who has looked at it.

Tendring District Council said it did not know the work was by Banksy but it had received a complaint it was offensive and racist and so it was removed.

The local council will be kicking themselves when they realise art fans and tourists would have flocked to Clacton to see the artwork for themselves, just goes to show that the people in charge really don’t have a clue what’s going on around them.

The mural may have been created as an ironic observation on the upcoming by-election in Clacton-on-sea where Ukip are expected to do well.

Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Nigel Brown said he understood the social commentary message behind the mural but the council had to act on the complaint.

“It is one of those cases where you are damned if you do remove it and damned if you don’t. A member of the public found it offensive and when the anti-graffiti team investigated they agreed and removed it. Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing and we’re disappointed we no longer have a Banksy on the sea front but the team were only doing their job.”

Banksy has not commented on the decision to have the art work erased but posted pictures of the mural on his website.

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