Daniella Zalcman presents ‘London + New York ‘

Daniella Zalcman presents ‘London + New York ‘

New York-based artist/photographer general artsy type  Daniella Zalcman presents her latest work in the form of “London + New York”.

Working currently for The Wall Street Journal as a freelance photographer, Zalcman has published a series of double exposures which pays homage to two of the world’s most beautiful cities.

London + New York explores place, memory, and identity through a combination of architecture and nostalgia. Monuments and neighbourhoods from each city are present in photos that merge the Brooklyn Bridge Park with Leicester Square and Whitehall with the South Bronx.

Although disorienting at first, the artist hopes “that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home.”

Pretty much fell in love with the work as soon as I saw it. Zalcman is selling of pieces on her blog for a reasonable $150.00  (£75)

london-new-york-daniella-zalcman-02-960x640 london-new-york-daniella-zalcman-05-960x640

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