Disembodied Art Exhibition

Disembodied Art Exhibition

Designer Ricky Sosa worked very closely with the Wixáritari community (one of Mexico’s most revered indigenous groups) when he was piecing his Disembodied art exhibition, handcrafting some of most unique and inspiring patterns imaginable.

The pieces embody incredibly spiritual works of art based on ceremonial traditions and rich mythology.

Individually crafted to perfection, each bone design is one-of-a-kind work of art and each piece resembles a unique theme taken from the Wixáritari way of life.

The “Disembodied” art exhibit will be presented on July 25 at the Fortune Special Project Space in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Check out more of Ricky’s work over at http://revolucionario.ca/

Fortune Special Projects Space
147 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6A


Disembodied Art Exhibition

(Imagery from http://revolucionario.ca/pages/art-bone-collection)

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