Ian McQue

Ian McQue

This post isn’t tied into any news, or event, this is just a post of pure admiration for this man. Ian McQue is an artist that I have followed now on twitter for some time and every day or so he puts a picture up that has me in awe. Bg8b3r0CcAEzZeO

McQue has created this mechanical, futuristic, steam punk esq world where mechanical ships fly around transporting goods and patrol the skies. Each picture portrays a well composed scene which make me think what the future could actually be like.BhGSCm5CEAAqXzi



The next two sketches are to drawn from where McQue has gone travelling to Italy and you can clearly see in the above images he has used some of the shapes of rural italian architecture in his compositions.




Whether its his quick sketches from his travels or his 30 min speed paints with the help of a computer, I cant help but want to be better myself to reach somewhere near his level of talent. Go follow him out on his twitter and be amazed at all his artworks now!



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