Jacob Ovgren – SEX (Sick Emotions X-ibit) @ Beach London

Jacob Ovgren – SEX (Sick Emotions X-ibit) @ Beach London

One of the main graphic artists behind European skateboard powerhouse Polar Skateboards, Jacob Ovgren’s work is skate-art in it’s purest form. influenced by classic, golden-era board graphics for Blind and World Industries by the likes of Mark McKee, Sean Cliver and Todd Bratrud, Ovgren retains the crude, adolescent humour (rollerbladers getting their legs guillotined off, obese children fighting over scraps of cake…) of those artists, but eschews the overtly direct, comic-book-narrative that those artists used: Instead we find individual characters trapped in a dialogue only with themselves – snippets of a story that, only when brought together – perhaps as a series of boards, or, in this case, a body of work form part of a wider commentary on a subject.



SEX (Sick Emotions X-ibit) will be an exhibition of new drawings, paintings and prints by Malmö based Ovgren. With his trademark dark humour, the work in SEX provocatively sees child-like characters in a range of disturbing sexual scenarios.images (3)




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