Arkeg Drink n Game

Arkeg Drink n Game

Since posting up the Wu-Tang Clan doormat a few days ago ive stumbled across weird and wonderful things on the internet but non peaked my interest enough to write up a post about them until today when I found the ultimate bachelor pad accessory.

Imagine reliving your favourite 80’s/90’s arcade games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat whilst having a cold beer with your mates but without having to have crates of beer and multiple gaming consoles sitting around the room.

Well take a look at the Arkeg Drink n Game.

As the description reads “Your prayers have been answered! The ARKEG Drink n’ Game is a fully assembled gaming/draft system. Games and beer. One system.”

The system comes pre-loaded with 51 classic arcade games including Street Fighter ™, Spy Hunter™

24” HD LCD screen, powered subwoofer and WiFi and the ability to hold and play over 15,000 games including home console, computer and Internet Flash Games.

The rest of the specks are below:

5 lb aluminum CO2 tank.
Digital temperature control.
24″ Hi-def LCD.
2.1 surround sound + subwoofer.
Brushed aluminum control panel.

What I know is I want one of these, and 99% of my friends would agree with me (I wont mention the price here click the link for that).


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  1. Pangeran - April 10, 2015

    Discovered your blog using Yahoo. This is a pretty good post. I’d like to see you take the prmairy idea of this article and create a separate article, maybe include a video in it, too?

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