Latest Trends in Fashion …. sort of

Latest Trends in Fashion …. sort of

Okay first off let me just state that Im not some high end fashion guru and Im not claiming to be. I like the odd Gucci wallet or belt but that’s about as far as ill go (well for now anyway). Anyways I tend to look about various websites to see what’s coming out currently going and generally it leads to me pretty much giving up after about 10 minutes of looking at things that never seem to spark any kind of real thoughts …… until now.

Jeremy Scott (yeah the same guy who worked for adidas a few years back) made his début as Moschino‘s Creative Director at this season’s Milan Fashion Week. And well what he had the models come out in was nothing short of crazy. I know nothing that you ever see on a catwalk ever stays the same all the way through to general production but if any of the items came out and you saw someone walking around dressed in what looks like a McDonalds uniform you’d pretty much stare and laugh ….. Please for the sake of humour, wannabe style icons and people who generally have zero clue about individualism please let some of these outfits hit the shelves.




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