Nike HYPERVENOM Phantom Premium FG

Nike HYPERVENOM Phantom Premium FG

Long gone are the days when you wore your brothers hand me downs to football practice and now we live in a world where it is acceptable to spend over £100 on boots for a kick about in the park.

Football boots are now the ultimate fashion statement for any player whether you be Cristiano Ronaldo or Dave who plays for the local pub team. You can no longer get away with a simple pair of Puma Kings or Adidas Copa Mundial.

If you want to be noticed you will normally be spotted in a pair of Nikes and here is the most outrageous of the bunch, Nikes brand new HYPERVENOM Phantoms.

Not only do they have the longest name in the whole of football boot history but they also have somewhat of a history.

When a young Neymar Jnr would want to stand out from the crowd and impress watchers he would often spray paint his boots gold, so in homage to the new superstar of world football Nike are making sure he doesn’t have to bother with the paint.

You can purchase the boots online from here and they are going to set you back £170.

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