Solid Gold Godzilla Figure

Solid Gold Godzilla Figure

When it comes to making things that are a little bit different from the norm the Japanese really know how to wow the public and this time its no different.

Since making its début in 1954, Japan’s most famous monster (Godzilla) turns 60 years old this year.

To commemorate this milestone established Japanese jewellery brand, Ginza Tanaka has been commissioned to manufacture this 24-carat gold figure.

The solid gold Godzilla figure weighs an incredible 15kg and is priced at mammoth  US$1.5 million.

The actual figures dimensions are 24cm in height, 19cm in width, and 35cm in length, while it stands proudly on a large black marble base with an acrylic box cover.

Official launch is slated for Sunday, July 20 at all nine branches of Ginza Tanaka in Japan.

It seems like a fitting tribute to one of Japan’s most famous exports even if sales of the Solid Gold Godzilla Figure are unlikely to top the $490,355,185 that the 2014 film has garnered at the box office.

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