Video Games: The Movie

Video Games: The Movie

From as far back as I can remember I’ve always had and been around video games, from playing Duck Hunt on the  Master system, to Mr Doo (the arcade machine at my Nan’s house) right up to Shenmue on the Dreamcast, video games has always been a part of my life.

The history of the media genre has been formally chronicled by a new film – Video Games: The Movie – created by Variance and executive produced by Zach Braff.

The film takes accounts from the various founders and designers that helped make video games what they are today, beginning with the first public sale of a gaming company through the surreality of its high-profile state today.

Video Games: The Movie drops this summer at select locations, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer.

For more information or to pre-order the movie visit the official site.

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  1. Yunus - April 10, 2015

    Found your site on Google. This is a cool post. I’d like to see you take the main idea from this article and cretae another second article, and maybe you could embed a vid, also?

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