DJ Craze “New Slaves” Routine

DJ Craze “New Slaves” Routine

I’m a part time DJ as most of my friends will tell you, but getting anywhere close to the level of DJ Craze would be something of a miracle. Ever since seeing his 1999 DMC routine on VHS I’ve been a fan of his work and ability to precisely put together routines that make people sit up and take note.

DJ Craze’s “New Slaves” Routine is another one of those, hard hitting clever and amazingly structured, Craze manages to comment on the type DJing that’s been coming to the mainstream over the past decade, whether it’s Paris Hilton, or David Guetta doing what “performances” you see on TV or bedroom DJs that think because of the use of buttons and effects they can claim to be real DJs.

The multi time DMC champ utilizes Kanye West’s “New Slaves” as a dope twist and commentary on the current DJ scene.

I’m a massive fan of this routine and I hope other DJs take note and start to learn to mix, cut and blend correctly.

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