Half-Life Speedrun Breaks World Record

Half-Life Speedrun Breaks World Record

Half-Life was one of the first PC games I really played as a kid, after taking a while to get used to the monsters from another dimension. I can’t remember if I ever managed to complete it but I can assure you it took a lot longer than 20mins. But after months of theorycrafting and planning, speedrunner quadrazid and his friends were able to run/hop through Half-Life—a game that’s anything but short—in 20 minutes. And the fact that it’s almost 10 minutes faster than the previous world record shows how perfectly executed their run/hop was.

You can see the entire speedrun above, it’s just amazing. The team’s also shared a few technical details about this run:

* This run sets the new world record for a segmented speedrun of Half-Life on Hard difficulty with an improvement of 9 minutes. (29:41» 20:41).
* Runners, in order of total amount of segments: quadrazid, CRASH FORT, coolkid, pineapple, YaLTeR, Spider-Waffle, FELip.
* The total amount of segments is 317, 249 of which are shorter than 5 seconds.
* 107 saves/segments was made only to cause and abuse save glitches. 53 of those being at Nihilanth.
* This run is heavily scripted using the in-game console, the most widely used scripts are jump spam, duck spam, 180º turn for gauss boost and precise use-key actions.
* To use the better demo functionality and the support of higher FPS values in the Steam version, a mod have been made to restore the gameplay to the way it was before the anti-bhop patch back in 2001. The mod also features a lot of new HUD elements to aid speedrunning.


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