Iconic Cars as Transformers

Ever wondered what your favourite car from TV or film would look like if it was a transformer? Whether it would be a huge Optimus Prime or maybe a smaller more nimble Sunstreaker?

Well now thanks to artist Darren Rawlings and his If They Could Transform exhibit you can finally find out!

So let’s start with a couple of classics:

Never has the Dolorean looked as good as this, the skateboard accessory just works and the General Lee while looking pretty basic has a a great bit of detail with the Confederate flag running down his leg.

Then we have this crime-fighting duo:

While the Batmobile is pretty routine you can’t deny them shoulders look pretty menacing. Ecto-1 on the other hand is bit more comical, think the original Bumblebee.

Now I’ve save my favourite ones for last:

Now yes they may not be the two transformers you want when the going gets tough but come on. Herbie is a car with his own personality so he’s practically a Transformer all ready and then you have the Mystery Machine, it’s just the coolest car going and it’s guaranteed to be filled with scooby snacks.

To have a look at all of Darren’s work you can visit his DeviantART page right here or you can take a look at his work and stuff that he finds cool on his tumblr page which is darrenrawlings.tumblr.com/

So go forth and enjoy some art.

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