NBA logos as Football teams

After reading a few blogs on sneakers (findings this was a bit of a surprise), I stumbled across an small article on the NBA and its logos and what would they look like as football badges.

I thought this could be an interesting read as im both a fan of football and the NBA and as it turned out the article although short showcased some great ideas.

Serbian designer Milan Vučković’s has mocked up all of the 30 NBA teams as football (or soccer depending if your reading this from the USA) badges.

Alot of the logos remind me of Italian teams (The Brooklyn’s Nets Juventus-esque stripes being the main culprit), and others such as Miami’s palm-tree badge and the Sacramento Kings badge have a very spanish looks to them.

My personal top 3 in no order are the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings (as you can see what they are without to much guess work).

Check out the rest of Vučković’s NBA logos as Football teams on his Behance page as ive only included a small selection of the teams here or hit him up on twitter @MiksaBRE.

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