The Pinks II

I came across these images today and they made me laugh. They were created by Scott Scheidly from San Fran, CA for his new solo show named ‘The Pinks II’ shown at the Hashimoto Contempory Gallery also in San Francisco.


This month’s show features a range of familiar faces, for better or worse, from Benito Mussolini to the cinematic icon John Wayne. Each of Scheidly’s subjects have been noted for their bravado and manliness, and in many cases their public images were once highly monitored to only exude such characteristics. By experimenting with our preconceptions of color within popular imagery, Scheidly challenges his viewers to react and contemplate about the tension he has manifested.


Created in Acrylic they depict numerous dictators, firearms, american machismo all adorned in pink rather than there true to life colours. While many of Scheidly’s paintings are playful in nature, for example the candy-coated Tusken Raider from the popular Star Wars franchise, others address a more serious dialogue, such as Scheidly’s rendition of Vladimir Putin bearing pink furs and the rainbow pride flag. This diverse group of subjects is unified under the artist’s unconventional treatment of their otherwise already commanding and heavily charged images. Scheidly pushes questions forward regarding power and iconic propaganda that revolve around issues that still resonate to this day.

Here’s a few more of the images on show!







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