Stella Artois, Wimbledon Perfectionists

With the tennis at Wimbledon all but over and the Men’s Tournament trophy engraved with the name of Novak Djokovic, lets have a look into the story of  Roman Zoltowski and what goes behind that engraving of the trophy.

Created by Mother in London, this film is part of a series made by Stella Artois about the characters behind the scenes at the annual tennis event.

Previous films in the series – which is part of a general collection of shorts made by Stella on the theme of ‘Perfectionists’ – have covered Rufus, the hawk which sees off pigeons trying to land on the courts, and racket stringers Liam Nolan and Nate Ferguson. This latest film is especially charming, however, due to its combination of Zoltowski’s appealing personality, and its stunning animation, by Christian Borstlap.

The short chronicles Zoltanski’s heritage as the trophy engraver at the Championships, a position he has held since 1979. Each year he travels from his home in Poland to perform his crucial role, travelling in his 55 year-old MG. 



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