The Goodhood Store Illustrations

Every now and then a few really special pieces of artwork come along and really help to push a product towards the right sort of market, whether its Kanye West doing a collaboration shoe, or Kate Moss being used on the front of a tshirt the message is still the same. Correct marketing can make a simple release become an amazing release.

The Goodhood Store has come up with a perfect way to get their union of music and fashion across by selecting a few famous musical talents, who have also become style icons in their own right, to be dressed in some of the very best pieces from Spring/Summer 2014.

Biggie Smalls can be seen in Paul Smith, Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Junya Watanabe MAN, Layne Staley in NEIGHBORHOOD, Sid Vicious in FUCT SSDD, and Joe Strummer in A.FOUR, (all illustrated by the Clara Lacy.)

The illustrations shown here are only a sample of whats available and items showcased throughout the illustrations are now available for purchase at Goodhood.



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