United State’s Sigils

Now call me presumptuous but I’m assuming we all know about the phenom that Game of Thrones is, right? Well if not it’s a fantasy book series that HBO have turned into must-watch television, that has turned millions of men and women alike into a new breed of dragon loving, white walker hating fandom.

Like every other fandom there are those that are simply more crazed than others, some start up websites dedicated solely to the show just like Game of Laughs, who take a slightly more comedic approach to the saga and others a more creative approach like Imgur user Anthonybooyay, who has created sigils for every US state.

If you’re unsure what a sigil is, here’s a few from the show that represent the bigger more prominent families:

Basically they’re great big banners you can fly about which show your house insignia and words.

With that in mind Anthonybooyay took that and defined each of the 50 US states in just a few words and an image, we’ve picked out our favourite four and you can have a look at them below, but do check out all the others right here:

We’ve got to admit the Baratheon styled Michigan one is our favourite, it just goes so well.

Have a look through the site and let us know your favourites and if you fancy it you can go and make your own sigil at http://www.jointherealm.com/

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