Wu Tang is for the Children

Over 50 artists came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang in a new London exhibition ‘Wu Tang is for the Children’.

Having recently celebrated 20 years since the release of the iconic album Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers, this exhibition celebrates the influence Wu-Tang Clan’s music, lyrics and legacy has had on art, illustration, fashion, film-making and graffiti.

Fifty artists have come together to draw inspiration from Wu Tang’s monumental back catalogue to create a multi-media exhibition of artworks ranging from ceramics to animation to embroidery to graffiti, showing how truly universal and influential the Wu-Tang Clan are.

The Exhibition held at  at Londonewcastle Project Space in East London has been open since the 7th and runs till the 14th March so get there before it finishes on Friday. It is open to the public from 11-6pm.



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