Christmas Pudding Bin Bags

Now Christmas for me isn’t really that big of a deal as most of my friends will attest to, but i am a fan of people taking everyday things and generally making them better or being more creative with them.

This is exactly what SuckUK have gone and done ….. I present to you the Christmas Pudding Bin Bags, for all your Christmas needs.

As they state on their website:

“Now you can make the boring chore of taking out the rubbish more artistic! Brighten your day and bring a little happiness to your streets on collection day!”

The Christmas Pudding Bin Bags are made from Plastic (Degradable LDPE) and their capacity is approximately 70 liters, which actually a fair amount of used wrapping paper or as my family used to do use them to store presents before the big day.

Christmas Pudding Bin Bags 01


Christmas Pudding Bin Bags 02

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