DOIY Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter … Awesome

Sometimes its the big things in life that make us step back and take a big breath to absorb everything going on around us, then again sometimes its the complete opposite that comes out of nowhere and just makes us go … WOW.

That happened to me last night whilst reading some blogs and style sites, I stumbled across something small and just generally qwerky enough that it made me smile and then decide I want one straight away.

DOIY (A brand brings quality products at very modest prices) has released a pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle. Its the sort of thing I could see sitting on the window of my kitchen just awaiting the day i cook up a pizza to break it out …. although in my house that would most likely happen within a week of it being brought.

The wheels act as blades and is designed after your typical fixed-gear bike and comes equipped with miniature handlebars, a seat, and is offered in two different colorways: Watermelon (mint and pink) and Bumblebee (black and yellow). Both are now available online for around $25 USD.

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