Nike SB Cali High Review

Saturday afternoon I had a visitor in the form of Dj Cable turning up at my house with a sealed brown box under his arm, containing what I knew to be my Nike SB Cali High’s.

Carefully cutting the tape away with the first sharp object I could find in the kitchen I opened up the box to reveal the black and aqua Nike SB box. Upon opening that I was greeted with my favourite smell (and one only trainer collectors and sneakerheads alike will understand), the fresh unworn trainer scent.

After a few lacing attempts (come on we all know you’ve gotta get them looking right) they were on my feet feeling amazing and looking even better.

The first thing I noticed (as with all the recent dunk SB releases) was the sole, updated patterning which in all fairness looks okay but for me id still take the older sole design just on looks. Nike have moved on from the original simple sole design of the 1980’s and gone with the newer re-engineered sole since 2011 but it still feels just as good as the original.

Nike SB Cali High 01

The next thing I noticed about the Nike SB Cali High was the use of Premium tumbled leather and suede which helps in keeping with the original 2004 version of the same shoe.

Nike has done an overall good job on converting one of the best 2004 models into a 2014 hi-top and these will only escalate in value over the coming years.

Nike SB Cali High 02


Nike SB Cali High 03

The design team at Nike must stick to keeping it selective and classy when making more of these and in my opinion the Stussy hi will be on the list of hi-top remakes soon enough and rightly so.

Overall the Nike SB Cali High is a winner in my book and will make selective outings from my house in the future.

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  1. Kayli - April 11, 2015

    This piece was cogent, wee-twriltln, and pithy.

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