Nike Tiffany Dunk SB high

So it was the morning of March 29th, a Saturday morning I had been looking forward to for the last 5 months. It saw the release of the Nike Tiffany Dunk SB high, A much hyped and talked about shoe which was seeing its first release in hi-top form.

From the initial delayed European release I was aching for this drop, I even paid a bot service (please don’t hate me!) to aid me capturing these. So the alarm was set for 07:50am, I had my laptop ready, my iPad ready, my phone ready and I had tapped up a friend to watch over the bot service I had paid to use (I couldn’t fail!).

08:02am FAIL! I had no chance, the very bot services I had elected to try out had beaten me! I was gutted, I was even more gutted when people were selling the undelivered shoe on ebay for £400 with just a screen grab of their receipt.


I was keeping a close eye on my 2014 grails on ebay and the prices were dropping but still a little out of my price range. Then in May I saw a post on a Nike forum which caught my eye. A fellow member was hoping to trade his deadstock Tiffs for a pair of Jordan Torro 4s. “I got those” I thought! Now I had to decide if I was willing to part with them, I love the 4 but its not the most comfortable shoe so I thought lets trade! After a couple of emails the trade was done.

So it brings me to the arrival, I can only compare the day to the arrival of a Fathers first born child, I was in love! The all important blue tone, the chromed out Swoosh, the faux croc print on the paneling, it was all there.

I was scared to take them out of the box! It took a couple of weeks to get them on foot due to the typical British weather but when they finally hit the concrete I was very pleased with myself! The shoe looks great on with a slimmer fitting jean but I’m sure they will look just as good with a looser fit. I know that Nike quality control has been getting a lot of stick recently and rightly so, especially from the Jordan brand, but the Tiffs do not suffer from quality at all, theres no loose stitching, no stray glue and the finish of the leather is second to none.

One gripe I do have with the shoe is that after only around 5 hours of wear I was starting to see creasing in the toe box but I know this is a common problem with leather SBs, But for this reason I still only bust out the Tiffs for a special occasion!.




All in all I do not regret my swap one bit but I am still keeping them peeled to get the Torro’s back into my collection, but until I do, the Tiffany SB high is certainly up there as one of the show pieces in my collection. Now where did I leave my skateboard…?

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