POW – Part of the Week – Billy O’Neill SSM

Today marks the start of our new weekly segment: Part of the Week – or POW for short. Hopefully each week I’ll be bringing you an online clip or an edit from a whole range of action sports, depending on how I’m feeling on the day. The idea is to try and find something relatively new or something classic each week to show you guys, and I know this week what I’ve chosen isn’t exactly new, but I had to start with something that goes in hard and that I know will impress.


Right from the beginning I knew exactly what sport I’d feature first, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the very first POW would be a rollerblading edit. Rollerblading has been a huge part of my life for a good few years now, so it seems pretty fitting that this is what I kick it off with. The hard part was trying to find an edit that I felt showed off rollerblading in all its glory. Over the years rollerbladers have been given a lot of shit by other skatepark dwellers for it being “Too easy looking” or just “not impressive enough” but I feel this edit proves everyone that ever spoke down on the sport wrong. I’m fully aware that it’s not the biggest sport going, but it’s certainly not the easiest and it deserves a hell of a lot more credit than it gets. The absolute hammer of a last trick alone is enough of a reason to watch this edit. So kick back, relax and enjoy Billy O’Neill throw himself about for our entertainment.


I hope you enjoy and appreciate the first ever POW and I’ll (hopefully) be back next week with another online banger. Don’t forget to head on over to the SSM website to check out more online edits!




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