The Sopranos recreated as GTA 5 intro

Now I¬†don’t personally own or admit to playing any of the GTA games but I’m a massive fan of the Soprano’s and can proudly boast i’ve watched the show in its entirety in 2 weeks flat.

When I see spoofs of the show or fan made scenes I tend to get anxious over how bad their going to be, but with technology these days and the fact that having a world as big as GTA V that can be manipulated to do untold amounts of cool things, recreating scenes from pretty much any film or TV show you can think of can become a fairly simple task.

Breaking Bad and Terminator have already been dabbled with in Los Santos, and now comes about as perfect a shot-for-shot remake of The Sopranos titles you’re going to get.

All the shots from the iconic sequence are in there, including Tony going through the toll booth, driving past a cemetery and rolling up to his mansion.

A shop was even located that looks a little like Satriale’s, along with a pizzeria in lieu of New Jersey’s Pizzaland.

I’m just wondering what’s going to be next.

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