Jeezy Seen it all

As my friends will all agree im a big fan of hip-hop music and I love a classic sounding beat so when I heard Jeezy had released the title track off his forthcoming album Seen It All, it put a little grin on my face, when I found out it featured previous collaborator Jay-Z that grin turned into a proper smile.

I’d heard a while back that there were a few tracks that didnt end up on Jay-Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail LP and this turns out to be one of them.

Jeezy Seen it all has a nostalgic feel to which is a  winner in my book as alot of new music sounds too glitchy and space aged but the Cardo-produced beat just works.

“Seen It All” is available for purchase on iTunes now while the same-titled full-length project arrives September 2. Listen below.

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