Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign

With the World Cup in full swing and the BBC and ITV showing the glitz and the glam of the nations favourite game some times its hard to see past what’s in front of us.

Unless you know or have been shown, you might not know that there are millions of Brazilians who could really care less about the World Cup and have taken to the streets in protest and here I present the Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign.

The people of Brazil are angry with their government for pumping millions of dollars into the World Cup extravagance.

They are angry that money being spent on the World Cup is desperately needed for education, sanitisation, hospitals and the eradication of violence, drugs and weapons from their streets.

The images below send a blunt message “F**k FIFA.

Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign 02

Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign 04

Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign 05

Anti-Fifa Graffiti Campaign 05

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