Better Call Saul Teaser Trailer

Ever since it was announced that crooked lawyer Saul Goodman would have his own spin-off show to the hugely popular Breaking Bad, fans have waited tentatively. Today we caught our first glimpse of “Better Call Saul”.

Only revealing 10 seconds of what could be the biggest show of next year really is the epitome of a “Teaser Trailer”. It does however reveal that we only have 6 months till it airs.

UK viewers will be able to watch the first series (10 episodes) on Netflix and you can look forward to some Breaking Bad characters returning including Saul’s notorious fixer Mike, however it is very unlikely to see either Walt or Jesse return.

Bryan Cranston will be directing an episode, like he did with some of the latter Breaking Bad episodes, yet Aaron Paul will not return in any capacity even though he showed a desire to return.


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