Boardwalk Empire season 5 trailer

Since 2010 a certain show has made me actually enjoy the winter months rather than curse the expensive heating bills and cold weather and now  that show is back for its final season.

The Boardwalk Empire season 5 trailer is out, and even though its short it still manages to get me excited for what’s to come.

According to Michael K. Williams who plays Chalky White, the conclusion will take place seven years after the season 4 finale – placing the show in 1931 and in the heart of America’s “The Great Depression.”

Featuring the message that “all empires must fall,” HBO sets the tone for the final season of Boardwalk Empire.

I wonder if HBO and the script writers will stick to some historical facts for the ending of the series or will Nucky end up running away with all the money and living happily ever after …. but lets be honest who really wants to see that when we know a glorious ending for the lead man would be more in tune with HBO’s typical endings.

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