Harrymainia 2 – POW

Last week I got so excited by the release of Alex Broskow in London that I chose to post another rollerblading edit, rather than a BMX one. It almost happened again this week with the release of KMCO, but I’d feel like I’m being far too biased and no one likes a bum lick. So this weeks Part of the Week is Harrymainia 2.

I’m not much of a BMXer, I tried a bit as a kid but the final straw was stabbing myself in the stomach with the handlebars (I probably cried) That and forever having to buy/repair innertubes made me give up and just resorted to watching from afar. Fond childhood memories aside, just because me and you might not BMX, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the shit out of Harrymainia 2. This edit is seriously jaw dropping and the final trick is an absolute mind blowing banger. Who the fuck even thinks of trying something that big?! It almost had me running for the garage in search of an old rusty BMX, until I remembered that blood pouring from your stomach really isn’t that fun.

While the BMXing is absolutely insane, you really have to appreciate the production of the edit as well. It was shot and edited to perfection by Matty Lambert. This has to have some of the cleanest slow mos and the nicest camera work i’ve seen in an edit in a long time.

If you prefer your drifting to your bikes, then it even has a little surprise for you! I won’t spoil it, just watch the edit and see for yourself. This edit really does have it all!




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