Dubbed the HUVr, a team claims to have cracked the hover technology and enlisted a number of personalities include the skateboarder Tony Hawk, NFL star Terrell Owens, and Musicians Moby, and ScHoolboy Q to take them for a spin during an event in Los Angeles.

25 years after the first appearance of the hoverboard in Back to the Future part II, Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown himself, Christopher LLoyd came out for the special day.

While it’s relatively clear that we’re dealing with a promotional stunt, it remains to be seen if there’s any truth to HUVr’s aspirations or if there is a brand behind the anti-gravity shenanigans.

All I know is they Have until October 2015 to make this available so I can go flying around myself!


Unfortunately this video has been part of a prank by Funny or Die and has been going viral around social media the last few days!

One day i’ll get my hoverboard!


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