Marty McFly’s Power laces coming to a Nike Mag near you

Okay lets set the record straight for anyone that knows me …… first off Back to to the Future is by far my favourite film of all time and 2 I’ve wanted the Mags and (obviously) a hoverboard since i was about 8.

When the original Nike Mags dropped in 2011, i like 95% of the collectors on the planet watched the eBay auctions hoping to land a pair for less than £5,000.

There was one thing that was missing from the release which die hard fans around the world would shed a small tear over  ……. The original shoe in the movie came with power laces, the 2011 release did not.

The movie trailer that Nike released in conjunction with the release of the shoes had the actors state the Nike Mags wouldn’t  have power laces until 2015.

Last week during an interview at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space in New Orleans, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed to Solecollector that we will be seeing power lacing in 2015.

This news has made the inner child in me jump for joy at the thought of this and the sneaker head in me well lets just say he’s sitting there grinning at the prospect of owning a piece of history.

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