Nike Air Max 90 Ice “Halloween”

Now we all love dressing up for Halloween, you get to wear whatever you want and for one night only all hell breaks loose but Nike have decided that now is time to launch some Halloween trainers you can wear all year round.

Feast your eyes on the Nike Air Max 90 Ice  “Halloween”

The heavily pumpkin inspired trainers are simply stunning. The various shades of orange really add colour to these sneakers and they maintain the traditional ice gum soles which adds a ghoulish aspect to them.

These aren’t a one off either, Nike have already released these Nike Air Max 95 QS “Halloween” sneakers.


The 95’s are inspired by the mummification process Egyptian hierarchy used to go through in order to protect themselves and their belongings when entering the afterlife.

But seeing’s as these are made from a linen-like material you may be better off saving these for the summer rather than ruining them at a Halloween house party.

You can order the QS 95’s from here however the 90 Ice’s aren’t released until the 31st so you’ll have to wait for them to go on sale. You can expect for them to be priced up at about £99 and will be available at

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