The trailer for Ethan Hawke’s latest film Predestination has finally been released in the UK and my word does it look fascinating.

Predestination doesn’t appear to be your bog-standard time-travelling to prevent crime blockbuster, in the same vein as Minority Report or Looper. This film seems to have a lot more mystery and intrigue involved.

So here’s the trailer:

Hawke looks like he is about to give a Training Day style performance as a Temporal Agent (Yeah, we’re not quite sure what that is either) who has one final mission to complete.

In the supporting cast you have Noah Taylor and Sarah Snook with the latter’s performance being described as ‘extraordinary’ by the Daily Mail’s Maria Lewis.

The film is based on Robert A. Heinlein’s short story “-All You Zombies-“ which he wrote in just a single day and had published a year later in 1959.

If complex whodunits with a sci-fi twist are your thing then Predestination is a must watch and will hit UK cinemas on January 9th of next year.


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