The Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes

The epic franchise that is the Simpsons and one of my person favourites in the clothing game (Johnny cupcakes) are collaborating for the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Simpsons.

As written by Johnny Cupcakes himself he stated there will be limited-edition box sets coming out, each jam-packed with treats featuring 3 of the most iconic characters from The Simpsons world.

Johnny added “There’ll also be plenty of other goodies available including tees, hats, and stickers!”

Now the Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes has peaked my interest alot more than the over hyped Supreme x Nike foamposite release last month. I’m sure 90% of people who own a Tv could say they’ve seen at least one episode of the Simpsons and its a show I grew up watching, attempting to re-draw characters and yes trying to nail Bart’s voice.

Johnny Cupcakes announced the news via his blog saying “So my team and I are really excited to unveil this project to the world, it’s easily our biggest to date and we’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into it.”

“Stay tuned as we start giving you more sneak peeks at the collection and mark your calendars for May 31st, you won’t want to miss this one!”

Read more on the release on the Johnny cupcakes blog here 

So yes on May 31st keep an eye out at Johnny cupcake stores as there will be some amazing things to pick up.

The Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes 02

The Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes 01

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